Introduction: Every day we get a number of enquries for reciprocal link exchange. This require a lot of administration, manual interventions and checking if our partner has posted our link correctly. Sometimes our links are deleted from the partners site and sometimes we post on our resources page invalid links or links to non existing pages producing 404 error.

So we decided to organize automatical acception of link requests. Our reciprocal links manager will allow other webmasters to submit requests to exchange reciprocal links directly to our web site, instead of through a manual and time-consuming e-mail process..

Our reciprocal link manager is configured to check the validity of linking URL, existence of resources page, and their Google pagerank. All elements are stored in our DataBase and the resource pages organised by categories are activated immediately upon posting. Reciprocal link manager will periodically re-check the remote links to ensure that they remain active.
This is a PHP writen program, so the spiders exploring our websites register all partners link.


Layout of link may vary slightly from the template to meet appearance of the page

Warning: You can enter request for link exchange on the next page, but first you need to instal the link to our site.

When your link is accepted, the link manager contols if our reciprocal link is already instaled. Please post our link before finnishing the request. Below this information, you can find the parameters of our link to be posted on your resources (links) page.

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Title: Apartments in Croatia
Description: Great choice of accommodation in private apartments and villas on Adriatic sea.